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General Terms and Conditions

of OnlineFitness, s.r.o. company registration no. 04775341 , based at Kadláčkova

894, postcode 742 21, company registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, insert 65116

(hereinafter referred to as „Provider“)

Providing on-line exercise services live

The Provider offers his clients an on-line exercise service streamed live on the website. Said service consists of conducting an on-line exercise system which enables planning and participation in fitness lessons by allowing clients to:

• following a pre-determined schedule for live exercise be on-line participants in live streaming

or recorded lessons according to their needs and availability, with the client being able to take part in the exercise at any suitable place which enables an Internet connection;

• create a client account on;

• purchase a time-limited membership at;

• have their data saved to the registration system, secured, and protected.

Processing of personal data

By entering the Provider’s registration system and initiating a registration for the purposes of creating a client account, the client shares his/her personal information and allows the Provider to process it in his registration system. By creating a client account, the client agrees to have his/her personal information processed by the Provider for the purposes of being properly provided with on-line exercise services live, the aforementioned data comprising the first name, last name, year of birth, and an e-mail address. The client’s identification in the registration system is performed in a way that allows the Provider to provide the on-line exercise services to the extent and quality necessary. For the purposes of providing on-line exercise services live, the personal information shall be processed by the Provider in accordance with § 4 (e) of the Law No. 101/2000 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Information as subsequently amended.

The Provider is obliged to process or in other ways handle the client’s personal information in accordance with the Law No. 101/2000 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Information as amended, and in compliance with these terms and conditions to adhere to all control and safety measures for the purposes of protecting said personal information. 

Terms of payment

Remuneration for on-line services is in accordance with the current price list listed in the registration system as the price for time-limited membership and can be settled by using a payment card and being forwarded to an on-line payment gateway (PayU).

Time-limited membership at can be purchased only by making recurring payments. Terms of time-limited membership and related payments are detailed in the price list which specifies all types of offered time-limited memberships.

Using on-line exercise services

Signing up for and watching live streaming lessons, subsequent recordings of live streams, and archived lessons is only possible with a valid time-limited membership.  

It’s possible to sign up only for those lessons which were made public in the schedule. The client can sign up for these lessons from the time a particular lesson was made public in the schedule to the moment of its scheduled beginning. 

A client who signed up for a live on-line exercise lesson is entitled to watch it until 23:59 of the day following the end of the live stream, by clicking the live stream link. 

Client account

After initiating a registration and entering the personal information required by the Provider, a client shall receive a client account from the Provider and become a registered client.

The purchased time-limited membership shall be added to the client’s client account.

Provider’s on-line live exercise services can be used only by registered clients. Any one client account can be owned and used only by the one registered client.

In case a client account is abused by persons other than its owner, the Provider is allowed to freeze that particular client account and rescind any time-limited membership added to it.

Time-limited membership

A registered client is entitled to create a time-limited membership at by crediting a sum of money pre-determined by the current price list to the Provider’s account.

Within the “recurring membership” which is established by making a so-called “recurring payment”, singing-up for live lessons is unlimited. Simultaneously, the client has an unlimited access to the video archives made public on in the interface of the logged-in client.

The time-limited membership cannot be extended on the grounds of any obstacles on the part of the client, not even for the reasons of illness. 

Special offers

The Provider reserves the right to offer provided services on time-limited special offers outside the current price list. The description of any special offer shall always contain its type and duration.

Terms of cancellation of a booked live exercise lesson

The client can cancel his/her participation in an on-line live exercise lesson, for which he/she previously signed up, 15 minutes before the beginning of that particular lesson at the latest.

Glitches during on-line live exercise streams

The Provider hereby undertakes to extend the time-limited membership added to a client’s account if any technical problems arise on the part of the Provider that would prevent the client from watching the live streamed lesson for which he/she properly signed up. If such a case emerges, the client’s membership shall be extended by the time for which the particular live stream wasn’t available due to technical problems on the part of the Provider.

The Provider bears no responsibility for any technical problems on the part of a client which would prevent the client from watching a particular on-line exercise lesson live.

Special provisions

The Provider reserves the right to use a pre-recorded on-line exercise lesson for the purposes of the on-line exercise lesson In case of exceptionally serious reasons on the part of the instructor.

The Provider bears no responsibility for any registered client’s state of health, and is in no way responsible for any injury which any registered client might suffer through his/her own fault by following the exercise lessons made public on

The Provider reserves the right to make a unilateral change in these General Terms and Conditions regarding the registration system. The client is subject to the General Terms and Conditions which were valid at the moment he/she registered with the on-line exercise system.

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