How to watch a lesson on in a couple easy steps

1. Everybody who wants to join us has to be registrated. The registration is very easy and quick. Sign up

2. Purchase of membership. Lessons are charged and you can sign in if you have already active some of our memberships. You can use: Pricelist

MEMBERSHIP – Until your membership is valid you can sign in unlimited number of lessons every day. You also get access to archive TOP LESSONS (top lessons rated in past 14 days).

3. Signing in lesson. You have to sign in lesson at least 1 minute before it starts. After the signing you see your lesson in menu „my lessons“. You can watch your lesson LIVE or from record which is available to the midnight the upcoming day. The record of the lesson is on menu „My lessons“. 


How can I registred on

Registration is very simple and it takes you just a few seconds. Go to the home page and click on Sign up which is situated in the right upper corner of the page. Fill in a few information, read terms and conditions and you're done! 


Is the registration necessary?

Yes, you have to registrate yourself to fully use our services.

What I need to watch a lesson?

Your account has to be activated. It means you have to buy a membership. Also if you want to watch a livestream or record the lessons, you have to sign at least 1 minute before the livestream starts.


How recurring payments work?

Recurring payment is always automatically done after a selected period and after that is also extended the membership. Recurring payment can be canceled in your profile anytime.


How much does membership cost?

1 month – € 999 

3 months – € 799  (billed € 23,97every 3 months)

1 year – € 499  (billend €59,88 once a year)

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How can I activate a membership on my account?

You can buy a memebership after logging in your profil. Payments are online by using a credit card.


Can I watch the lessons again?

Yes, the lesson can be watched at least 5 minutes after end of livestream and the record is available to 23:59 the upcoming day. But there is one condition. You have to be signed in the lesson before it starts. 


Do I have to be signed in the lessons before it starts?

Yes, you have to sign in the lesson at least 1 minute before the livestream (example: start of the lesson at 18:00, you have to sign in to 17:59)


Do I need any special equipment?

At nearly all lessons you need just a mat (but even mat can be replaced by a piece of carpet). In some of the lessons may be used a jump rope but you can jump without it. We also sometimes use a dumbells but you can use a water bottles and for a circuit training you might need a chair – you definitely find some at home.


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